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In 2016, CMR, one of the leading restaurant operators in Mexico, partnered with S2G Energy through the EMaaS program to optimize energy consumption and operations in their restaurants.
Over 2,000 IoT sensors were installed in more than 70 restaurants of brands like Chili’s and Olive Garden. This enabled analysis and establishment of energy consumption standards, resulting in effective energy-saving strategies.


This initiative not only improved efficiency but also allowed for disciplined energy costs while delivering quality service. During the COVID-19 pandemic, real-time data availability provided a competitive advantage by enabling informed and swift decisions.


In a culture dedicated to serving and delighting guests, the challenge lies in empowering the individuals directly providing the service. However, in some cases, inaccurate data can take more time than estimated and distract the operational team from their primary tasks. That’s why we’re seeking to develop strategies to address the following questions: How can we achieve energy efficiency without taking away time from the operational team and without compromising comfort/service?

S2G Energy Solution

  • IoT sensors were installed to measure and predict energy consumption, along with the establishment of intensity standards and the identification of anomalies in the use of critical equipment. This resulted in a significant improvement in energy efficiency
  • Customized saving strategies were developed for each operation, region, and brand in collaboration with the client. Continuous feedback was provided through incident reports and performance evaluations
  • Empowerment was promoted through training, detailed reports, KPIs, and personalized alerts across all levels of the organization. Adoption of an effective management tool aligned with the business objectives was ensured


  • In just 10 months, a 10% efficiency was achieved through the standardization of energy intensity and strict operational discipline overseen by the EMaaS platform
  • The identification of inefficiencies through data analysis, such as improperly closed refrigerators and inappropriate consumption, along with irregular peaks in critical equipment, improved the program’s efficiency by 6%
  • Large-scale adaptability in operations was achieved, focusing on minimal energy consumption to respond to changes during the pandemic


Over 34 months, there was a cumulative energy reduction of 11.4%

Impacto 1

It achieved savings of $1.2 million Mexican pesos (MXN) in costs

Impacto 2

308% in Return on Investment

Impacto 3