Energy Assistant

Energy Assistant

Our platform facilitates the centralization of resource data and device management from almost any source, building a simple path to capture efficiency opportunities through actionable insights and smart control.

Energy Assistant


Integration to almost any data source

Visualization and prediction

Visualization and prediction of energy consumption. All in one place


Manage and control your equipment from your computer or mobile device

Energy Assistant

Energy Assistant brings value for commercial and industrial companies through economic savings and sound sustainability results

  • We move away from generic solutions that do not understand the specific ways that companies use energy

  • We facilitate tasks with valuable information without disrupting operations, presenting all the information you need in simple visualizations

  • Our customizable efficiency platform accelerates the path to a sustained value that is simple to implement, enabling equipment control and process automation

Service Plans

Energy Assistant


  • Digitization with IoT sensors
  • Site and global consumption visualizations
  • Demand management
  • Peak and off-hours consumption alerts
  • Areas of opportunity detection
  • Support from our Customer Success team

Energy Assistant


Energy Assistant Standard plus any of these modules

  • Customized visualizations
  • Tailor-made alerts
  • Integration to almost any data source and system
  • Integration of solar production and/or different energy suppliers
  • Anomaly detection for critical equipment
  • Intelligent control
  • Consumption prediction
  • Energy Bot

Energy Assistant


  • Creation of tailor-made solutions for your specific needs