Energy Management as a Service

Energy Management as a Service

Digitize your operation and visualize your energy consumption in real-time

Actionable information to optimize your processes and operation while empowering your team.

Energy digitization

Extract never-before-obtained data from your equipment and processes to obtain a complete view of your operation and continuously improve its efficiency. Discover areas of opportunity, reduce equipment failures, and reduce downtimes. Get information in interactive reports to quickly understand your energy performance.

High-value information

With plug-and-play sensors you will immediately receive valuable information. With the constant support of our Customer Success team, you will have necessary assistance to develop savings strategies that do not get in the way of your operation.

Panoramic PowerTM energy sensors from Centrica Business Solutions

Self-powered, wireless, non-invasive sensors with real-time energy measurement help us collect data at a high level of granularity. This data is delivered through a Power Gen 4+ Bridge with high security and privacy standards.


  • Minimum operation suspension time needed to install our sensors
  • High-level technical support
  • Integration with IoT water and gas sensors
  • Integration with our Customized alerts
Monitoreo de agua y gas