Our digital energy efficiency services
translate into increased profitability and the fulfillment of sustainability goals.


Seamless data collection and custom-built solutions to analyze and monitor your information in real-time. Identify efficiency opportunities from our IoT sensors or any existent data source.


People and systems to continuously optimize resource consumption with off-the-shelf solutions and behavioural change. Our solution adapts to your organization processes and culture impacting through scalability.


Long-lasting financial, operational and environmental benefits that are valuable, sustainable and measurable.
Why we do it

Every dollar our customers have invested in EMaaS, have returned 3.4 dollars as energy resource efficiency in 24 months.

Actionable information

Our expertise allows us to rapidly turn data into actionable information to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

We focus on the people

Our team becomes an extension of yours. Our aim is to build a solution that drives change, and it is widely embedded, enabling discussions, actions, and results.

We deliver value

Everything we do is connected to the value objectives mutually assembled. The unlocking of value is time-bound, realistic, and verifiable.

We facilitate a step-change

In how your organizations relate to energy resources use.