About us

About Our Company

Meet your Enterprise digital energy optimization partner

S2G-Energy is solving the inefficient use of energy, water, and gas in commercial buildings and
industrial operations. Our expertise allows us to leverage IoT and ML-driven analytics,
facilitate an adoption people-centric process, and deliver financial and sustainability value to
our customers.

We are an enterprise digital energy efficiency service company. We offer a tailored end-to-end
software-based platform built to optimize energy resources use in correlation to business
performance at any time. We deliver a turn-key solution that expands from IoT sensors set-up,
data integration, to managing change and value capturing.


Meet Our Team

Geronimo Martinez - S2G

Gerónimo Martinez

CEO & Co-founder

For the last five years, he has been obsessed with the opportunity of turning large industrial and commercial environmental footprint into financial and sustainable value by leveraging advanced technology.
Luis Carmona - S2G

Luis Carmona

Chief Operating Officer

Luis Carmona brings extensive experience in the energy industry to shape our strategy and day-to-day execution, including overseeing business development efforts as well as our general business and financial operations.
Andres Fautsch - S2G

Andres Fautsch

Business Development Manager

Andres has worked in multinational companies in the solar energy sector in LATAM, focusing on business development, strategy and M&A. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Iberoamericana and an MBA from the University of Cambridge, where he focused on entrepreneurship, energy, and environment.
Alba Rodriguez - S2G

Alba Rodriguez

Financial and Administration Coordinator

Alba has prior experience working in the oil and gas industry. Alba is committed to creating a brighter future for humanity by caring for the planet.
Vivian Espinoza - S2G

Vivian Espinosa

Business Development Lead

Vivian has worked in global companies in the LATAM region. Her focus was on developing long-term strategic alliances and goals, launching new products to market, and drive profitability by managing global end-customers’ accounts.