Digital Energy Management: A Competitive Advantage for Mexico’s Leading Agro-Industrial Exporter

Improving efficiency and optimizing energy and water intensity per ton of packaged fresh product.

One of Mexico’s leading agro-industrial groups, operating in 7 states and exporting 80% of its products to the United States, Europe, and Japan, has set goals to excel in its industry and surpass competitors.
While operational excellence is a priority, they’ve now placed a special emphasis on improving energy efficiency across all processes as a key factor in becoming more sustainable and reducing costs. In collaboration, we initiated a comprehensive energy management project that expanded to include water resource management.


We utilized over 1,000 IoT sensors to measure and analyze energy consumption in relation to operations across 6 fresh product packaging plants. This approach has allowed us to consistently improve energy efficiency and has yielded positive results in the program.


This group faces the challenge of adapting to Industry 4.0, which demands high-quality and efficient operations due to strict regulations from international clients and advanced markets. Although they had already digitized energy and water management, the real challenge was to turn data into practical information for all their packaging plants. Working alongside S2G Energy, they managed to optimize processes, reduce energy consumption, and adapt, even with remote work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

S2G Energy Solution

  • 1.3 GW of loads were monitored and managed through over 1,000 IoT sensors distributed across six production plants
  • A correlation was established between energy consumption in critical equipment and packaging volume to identify and implement operational improvements
  • The energy intensity per unit produced was optimized in collaboration with the maintenance and production departments


  • 17.26 GWh of consumption was avoided over 23 months of operation
  • An intelligent maintenance system was implemented to prevent shutdowns in production lines
  • It reduced demand by decreasing equipment usage during peak demand hours


A 9% of economic saving was achieved compared to the baseline year

Impacto 1

An economic saving of 23 million Mexican pesos (MXN) was achieved

Impacto 2

A 14% of economic saving was achieved compared to the 2020 budget

Impacto 3