Carbonated drinks
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Driving global energy efficiency in bottling processes

A multinational leader in the carbonated beverage sector operates high energy-intensive production plants with different technologies, ages, and multiple geographies. Digitizing the consumption of energy resources in the plants with the most data within the manufacturing system represents a cost-effective strategy to optimize energy consumption yields through management without investing in the total modernization of all equipment and processes. With
our digital efficiency services,
they adopted an energy management platform to make decisions in critical areas of the process, achieving and sustaining the energy performance indicator established for the entire plant in liters of bottled product per kilowatt-hour of energy (Lts/kWh). Empowering operational personnel with actionable information that speaks their day-to-day “language” has been the key to identifying opportunities and executing improvements.
The plant’s most prominent energy consumption is concentrated in the Power House, where the air compression and refrigeration process systems are managed. Both systems’ energy consumption is not strictly correlated to the bottling lines’ operation, the products in their different presentations, or the atmospheric conditions. Besides, power peaks due to the equipment’s start-up represented 30% of the total electricity cost. In turn, production lines keep equipment operating even when the line is not in the bottling process. One of the biggest challenges is to manage the use of compressors due to their high energy consumption and power peaks. That is why it is of utmost importance to measure consumption through IoT energy sensors to find the most efficient combination of compressors used for each day’s production. This information also seeks to empower work teams to correctly turn off and turn on critical equipment during non-operating hours to avoid wasting energy. Thus, we were able to reduce the need for maintenance and extend the equipment’s useful life.

Visualization and reporting platform to optimize air and cooling system load with production line demand.


Installation of +150 IoT energy sensors to monitor power consumption and power quality in all critical equipment.

Correlation of production line data with critical equipment consumption data to identify behavioral opportunities and design a visualization platform to improve the energy management.

Empower production line, powerhouse, and maintenance teams to make day-to-day decisions with actionable information that optimizes overall plant energy performance.
Through the adoption of our digital efficiency services, energy consumption was reduced by 6.8%.

Optimization of processes by reaching consensus on the operational needs of the Production, Planning, Quality and Maintenance areas with the same available information.
Provision of operational management tools to achieve corporate energy efficiency targets [Lts/kWh].


3% Economic savings vs. base year

6.8% Energy efficiency improvement

$314,341.82 MXN Saved in 11 months in a single plant