Boosting overall energy performance in bottling processes

Visualization and reporting platform to optimize the load of the air and refrigeration system according to production line demand


A multinational leader in the carbonated beverage sector operates manufacturing plants with diverse technologies and obsolete equipment in several geographical locations, all with high-energy-intensive processes. Digitalization of energy consumption in the plants based on data of their current state of operation was usedto optimize energy yields, without requiring a complete modernization of all the equipment and process. Thanks to Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS), we implemented an energy management platform that enables continuous decision-making in critical areas of the process, facilitating compliance with the established energy performance indicator for the entire plant in liters of bottled product per kilowatt-hour of energy (Lts/kWh). Empowering operational staff with practical and relevant information in their daily sphere has been crucial in identifying opportunities and implementing improvements.


The highest energy consumption is concentrated in the Powerhouse, where air compression and refrigeration systems are managed. This consumption doesn’t correlate with the bottling line and atmospheric conditions. Equipment startups account for 30% of the total electrical cost. It’s crucial to measure consumption to optimize compressor usage. Empowering teams to manage critical equipment and reduce energy waste is also a goal, aiming to extend the lifespan of the equipment.

S2G Energy Solution

  • More than 150 IoT energy sensors were installed to monitor energy consumption and quality across all critical equipment
  • The correlation of production line data with that of critical equipment consumption was conducted to identify behavioral opportunities and design a customized energy management visualization platform
  • Empowerment of production, maintenance, and powerhouse personnel to make daily decisions based on actionable information aimed at optimizing the overall energy performance of the plant


  • Thanks to the adoption of the EMaaS program, there has been a 6.8% improvement in energy performance
  • The process optimization managed to coordinate the operational needs of Production, Planning, Quality, and Maintenance by utilizing the same available information
  • Operational management tools were provided to achieve corporate energy performance objectives (measured in liters per kilowatt-hour, Lts/kWh)


A 3% economic savings was achieved compared to the baseline year

Impacto 1

An energy performance improvement of 6.8% was achieved

Impacto 2

Savings of $314,341.82 Mexican pesos (MXN) were achieved over an 11-month period in a single plant

Impacto 3