Water and gas monitoring

Water and gas monitoring

Invasive and non-invasive IoT sensors for water and gas resource monitoring

Get high-impact information of your water and gas consumption to improve decision-making and reduce resource consumption

IoT Water sensors

Invasive and non-invasive sensors measure the water flow to calculate the amount of water consumed by the different areas of your plant, store, or operation. It also enables the centralization of water consumption from various sources and detects leaks or anomalous consumption.

Invasive IoT gas sensors

Visualize and benchmark your daily and monthly consumption of all your locations in the same visualization to identify consumption trends and obtain best practices to make your operation more efficient.


  • Personalized interactive reports so you can visualize all your resource consumption information in one place
  • Continuous support of our Customer Success team to create optimization strategies to reduce your water and gas consumption
  • Integration with IoT energy sensors
  • Centralización de información de consumo y fuentes de recursos
Monitoreo de agua y gas